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The Fantastical Extravaganza of Fae Talent's Journal

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Monday, January 24th, 2005
5:53 am - Naming the Production.

Fond as I am of the description, "The Fantastical extravaganza of Fae talent" doesn't exactly roll off the tounge. Can any among you suggest a more succinct yet enthusing and rousing name for the production.

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5:48 am - Location, Patronage, and technical support

As someone once said, "If I seem to be taller than others, it is only because I have stood on the shoulders of giants". If we had some giants, then setting up this production would be far easier, as it is we'll have to work hard.

Anyone who is able to suggest or provide a location, able to become a patron of this event (which will no doubt earn you much prestige from supporting such a grand production), or able to provide technical support for the event, please leave your details below, along with what role you will be taking, and any other pertinent information (preferably including, but not limited to, anyone who will wish to kill me as a result of you being involved in this event, and your credit card details.)

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5:14 am - Performers

I'm sure many, many of you wish to perform, show off your talents, sign, dance, or otherwise strut your stuff to the rest of the Fae (note to Satyrs; there may be children present, so please do not "strut your stuff" in the literal physical sense).

Anways, so that I am aware of what great talents are available for me to draw on and so that the performance is somewhat more directed than each person performing until the audience starts throwing things or the other acts bundle them off (although this is a perfectly valid action if the situation calls for it)., would any interested in partaking and performing in the fantasical extravaganza of talent and skill that this show will be, please list their name and what form of performance they will perform.

Any equipment required, special considerations, safety gear, consumable resources, fire hazards, or possible threats to the cosmic all that your act may need/create should also be listed.

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4:51 am - Welcome to the Fantastical Productions of the Fae

As the director of this ambitious project, I will be co-ordinating the talents and efforts of the many performers who will doubtless join this grand endevour, and I will make sure everyone gets their moment of fame, and be fair and just to all.

Sign up now! The quicker you do, the better this production will be.

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